What products do you offer?

Maxihost offers two products

And the following additional services

How much is more traffic?

All servers come with 5TB of free Outbound traffic and $0.05 per extra GB.

Maxihost only charges for Outbound traffic. Inbound is always free and is not counted against your quota.

You can upgrade to Unmetered bandwidth at any time.

What's the port speed?

All Bare Metal servers are connected to 1Gbps ports.

Do you offer Firewall?

Maxihost offers hardware firewalls powered by FortiNet Next Generation Firewalls. These firewalls can be deployed to protect your servers against threats.

Firewall policies are managed by the end user or by Maxihost, depending on your needs.

Do you offer Backups?

Maxihost will only make backups of your data if you sign up for our Managed Backup service.

Managed Backup is monitored and configured by Maxihost, and you only pay for used space.

Example: If you have ten servers and would like a complete backup of only three, you'll be charged for the amount of space for those three servers.

Where is the data center located?

Our data center is located in São Paulo, near Paulista Avenue.

Address: Rua Doutor Eduardo Martinelli, nº100

What are Maxihost's nameservers?

  • ns1.maxihost.com.br
  • ns2.maxihost.com.br

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