What products do you offer?

Maxihost offers two products

And the following additional services

How much is more traffic?

All servers come with 20TB of free Outbound traffic and $0.05 per extra GB.

Maxihost only charges for Outbound traffic. Inbound is always free and is not counted against your quota.

You can commit for more bandwidth by contacting your account manager and choosing one of the packages listed in the pricing page.

What's the port speed?

All Bare Metal servers are connected to 1Gbps ports. We also provide 10, 20 and 40Gbps ports upon request.


Where is the data center located?

All of the regions and data centers that Maxihost operates in are listed on the regions page.

Maxihost has also built its own data center in the city of São Paulo.

The address is:
Rua Doutor Eduardo Martinelli, nº100
São Paulo

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