Maxihost Support and Operations teams work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, ensuring that all requests from customers are answered on time.

Aiming to provide greater predictability and reliability in customer support, our tickets are divided into four categories:

  • Low priority: Requests that do not present any type of risk or interference of the services;
  • Normal: Requests reporting problems that have minimal impact on the operation or production of our customers services. Non-emergencial operating system problems also fit into this group;
  • High priority: Requests reporting individual downtime, which partially impact the customers operation;
  • Urgent: Any failures that have total and direct impact on the production environment and operation of the customer or the infrastructure itself. These have shorter intervals between the updates and special attention from our entire team.

Every request sent by our customers are handled in parallel by our analysts — the SLA only represents the maximum response time.

Deadlines are described on the table below. You can also check some examples of situations that fit into each category:

SLA for Support and Network

Priority First Reply Next Update Periodic Updates
Low Up to 6 hours N/A N/A
Normal Up to 1 hour Up to 2 hours 2 hours (if applicable)
High Up to 30 minutes Up to 1 hour 1 hour
Urgent Up to 15 minutes Up to 30 minutes 30 minutes

Holidays and weekends

During holidays and weekends, the SLA for Support requests are not affected. For Network related requests please consider the follwing:

Priority First Reply
Low Next business day
Normal Up to 48 hours
High Up to 4 hours
Urgent Up to 2 hours


Here are a few examples of how we categorize requests. This is not an exclusive list.

  • Low: General questions, shared web hosting and e-mail related issues, additional IPs, slightly higher latency, non-emergencial route changes, ASN routing.
  • Normal: KVM access, OS reinstalls, IPMI access.
  • High: Bare metal reboots, intermittencies and packet loss, routing issues.
  • Urgent: Downtime, power-related issues, general failures on Maxihost's backbones.

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