IP Justification

Why we require IP justification

The number of available IPv4 addresses is nearing complete exhaustion. Just like telephone numbers, there is a limited number of possible IPv4 address combinations. Eventually, this number will run out completely.

In order to ensure that available IPv4 address blocks are assigned to only those who actually require them, we ask that all additional IP requests come with justification.

Justification is not just a requirement of Maxihost—we must also justify requests we make to acquire new IP blocks. IPs are not provided to us without justification, so we must also require this of our customers.

How do I justify my IP address request?

Customers requiring additional IP addresses should send a request through the control panel by going to https://control.maxihost.com/ips and clicking on Request IP.

This is what we consider sufficient justification:

  1. You must have an immediate use for at least 80% of the IP addresses that you are requesting. This means that if you are requesting 10 IP addresses, you should have an immediate use for at least 8 of them. The remaining 2 IPs in the request can be specified for "future use."

  2. You should only request additional IPs for a purpose that cannot be fulfilled using IPs you already have, or using the server's IP address. Examples of this can include nameservers and SSL certificates. Additional IPs should not be requested for email purposes.

  3. When providing justification, you should be able to either list a valid domain name that will be assigned to each requested IP (or at least 80% of them) or in cases where you don't immediately have a valid domain name, provide details on the specific use of each IP address. We will evaluate your IP justification request and will inform you if more details are required.

If you have questions or concerns with our IP justification process, please feel free to contact us by opening a ticket.

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