Maxihost provides a variety of images that you can use to create your servers, such as Windows and Linux distributions.

Custom images

We still don't support custom images, but it's something that's on our roadmap. This will make it possible for you to import your custom images to Maxihost, recreating environments quickly instead of having to install everything from scratch.

If you want to install a custom image, simply deploy your server using an Operating System of your choice and when the server is delivered, request IPMI access to our support team by opening a ticket.

With IPMI, you can access your server and reinstall the operating system according to the image of your choice. IPMI access is temporary. After the process is completed, the team will disable it.

It is important to note that Maxihost does not provide support for customized images, and it is up to you to perform maintenance and reinstallation of your image whenever necessary.

In case of difficulties in the installation or reimaging process via IPMI (delay in downloading the image, for example), it is possible to send the ISO to our support team and they will physically connect a pen-drive to your server so that the process is completed as soon as possible.

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