SSH Key Access

Adding your SSH Key

If you already have an SSH key pair, you can use it to import into your Maxihost account to create servers.

  1. Go to the SSH page under Servers > SSH Keys and click on the Add ssh key button.
  2. Paste your Public SSH Key and choose a name for it. The name is only used to help you easily identify the key afterward. It's recommended you use your e-mail as part of the key name as all users of your account will have access to the imported keys.
  3. Click on Add.

The SSH Key will now be available for use.

Using your SSH key

When deploying new servers, you'll have the option to select your SSH Key in the server deploy page.


When you select a key and deploy a server, Maxihost will disable password logins and permit SSH logins from keys that you selected during the deployment process.

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