What is WHMCS

WHMCS is an automation platform that simplifies and automates all aspects of operating an online web hosting and domain registrar business.

About the integration

Maxihost has developed a white-label module that makes it easier for companies using WHMCS to resell Maxihost servers.

The module allows you to have your own Bare Metal Cloud platform by enabling your customers to deploy servers automatically through Maxihost's platform.

Installation & Configuration

Setting up the module

  1. Create an account with Maxihost if you don't have one already.
  2. Go to the API page and save your API access token.
  3. Clone or download the module from here.
  4. Copy the files to your WHMCS repository and deploy.
  5. Log in to the admin panel in your WHMCS and go to Setup > Products/Services > Servers
  6. Create a new Server and select the Maxihost type, then enter your key in the access hash field, API URL in the hostname field and check the secure box.
  7. Create a new Server group and add your recently added server to it.

Configuring your products

  1. In your WHMCS, go to Setup > Products/Services > Product/Services and click on Create a New Product.
  2. Select the Server Group that you have previously created and set Maxihost as the module.
  3. Under the Module Settings tab, select Maxihost group. The product configuration should appear.
  4. Click on Generate Custom fields. There's no need to change any of the data that was generated.
  5. Save Changes.

Setting up a cronjob

We'll need a cronjob in order to make sure everything data is shared consistently between your WHMCS and Maxihost.

Go to your crontab and add this

*/15 * * * * php-q /your_whmcs/modules/servers/maxihost/cron/cron.php

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