Setting user permissions

Maxihost users have three different possible roles: Full Permission, Collaborator, and Billing. These three roles allow you to give your users different levels of access for reading, creating, and modifying Servers, Network, and billing information in your Maxihost account.


Full Permission

Users with the Full Permission role have view and edit rights to all account information and settings. The Full Permission role can add users, create and manage all server settings, and even delete the entire account. The person who signed up for the Maxihost account automatically becomes the Account Owner when the account is created, and will always have Full Permission access to the account.


Collaborators have access and edit rights to all the information on Servers and Networking. Collaborators can create new Servers, add their SSH Key, request Additional IPs, and do all of the other server management actions, including deleting servers.

They cannot view any account-related details, such as billing information or add team members.


Users with the Billing role are only able to view and edit billing information and view and pay invoices. They can't see or modify servers or services on your account.

API Access

You can set additional permission for users for API access. This is useful if you want to build an integration with a secondary user with limited Dashboard access.

Users with API Access, no matter their Role, have full access to the API. This means that a user with the Collaborator or Billing role with API access would be able to whatever they wanted through the API.

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