Private VLAN

 Private VLAN is only available in the new dashboard experience that is rolling out gradually to all customers.

Maxihost servers are configured with a public and a private interface with a Layer 3 network topology by default. You can use the Private VLAN feature to change selected servers to a Layer 2 topology.


Private VLANs allow you to group servers in the same project within the same data center, enabling private communication between them. This is useful in a number of instances where you don't want or need traffic from specific servers going through the internet.

For example, if you have a server running a database that needs to communicate with a web app on a different server, you could have the database server connect privately to the web app server, increasing security and reliability. Another common use case is if you are managing services like DHCP.

Private VLAN packets do not go through the network layer and traffic is not filtered in any way. Maxihost does not charge for traffic on Private VLANs, either inbound or outbound.

Private VLAN drawing

You can create VLANs and assign servers to them from the dashboard or API from the Virtual Networks and Virtual Network Assignments resources.

Private VLAN in the Maxihost dashboard

  1. Select the Team and Project you would like to create a Private VLAN for.
  2. Click on Networking and Private VLAN
  3. Click on Add VLAN on the top-right section of the page. A side modal will open so you can choose the region and add a description to your VLAN. The description is only used to help you identify what the VLAN is for.
  4. With the VLAN created, you can now select servers in the data center of the VLAN to be assigned to it.assigning-server-to-vlan.gif

Additional steps

The provisioning of the network on our switches is handled automatically after you assign your first server to a VLAN. Seen that Maxihost has no access to your servers, an additional step is required and you need to configure the VLAN on your Operating System. 

See Set up a Private VLAN.

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